📘Setup your address book

Learn how to manage all your addresses and domain names to aggregate them into bundles.

As we explained previously, it's pretty hard to remember an address and it's even harder if you have multiple address on multiple networks.

This is why we have something called Address Book, a place where you can store all your favourites addresses and domain names.

You have two section, one called Wallets and the other called Bundles

Wallets is where you can save any address or domain name to easily explore them whenever you need to.

Bundles is where you can create groups of addresses to display all of them at once in your dashboard.

In the following example I have saved sonarwatch.sol domain name in my Wallets and created a Bundle called "SonarWatch Addresses" with 2 different addresses inside : sonarwatch.sol and test.eth

This will allow you to do two things :

  1. Open your address-book and explore any wallet or bundle directly from the dashboard

By clicking on any items in this menu it will open the portfolio page and load all assets owned by this item.

  1. Setup any wallet or bundle as your main wallet/bundle.

By selecting any of the item on this menu, you will choose which address/bundle is your "default" item, each time you click on portfolio it will load all assets owned by this address/bundle this way you can easily come back to your default view.

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