đŸ’ģPlay with the platform

Filter by chain and do more with the data available.

Now that you have everything setup, with all your addresses and bundles ready to be explored, here is few things you need to know about this platform.

1. Filter by chain(s)

When you load an address or a bundle that covers multiple chains, you will be able to filter out/in any chain in case you want to focus on some specific data.

Here is an example with a bundle called "Demo" that contains 5 addresses

You can see that we have many tokens from different chains, now if you click on any chain card above the Tokens section, it will only show you the assets on on this specific chain.

You can add other chains to be shown by clicking on them as well.

2. Copy account and token's addresses

If you click on an address or on a token name, it will copy the address to your clipboard.

3. Share a bundle

If you need to send a bundle, or an address to someone, you can do it from the address-book page :

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