A Platform represent a protocol, for instance Solend has the following information for it's Platform object :

export const solendPlatform: Platform = {
  id: 'solend',
  name: 'Solend',
  image: 'https://sonar.watch/img/platforms/solend.png',
  defiLlamaId: 'solend',
  website: 'https://solend.fi/',

Which you can find in the Platform endpoint :

    "id": "solend",
    "name": "Solend",
    "image": "https://sonar.watch/img/platforms/solend.png",
    "defiLlamaId": "solend",
    "website": "https://solend.fi/"

It has at least the following information :

  • Id : identifier of the platform

  • Name : the name to be displayed for this platform

  • (optional) Image : the logo of the platform

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