Sonar Watch


Dashboard page is the main page of Sonar Watch



The History section of SonarWatch allows you to see the history of your wallet. We start tracking it the first time you check your dashboard.
History section


The Tokens section of SonarWatch allows you to see all the tokens you have in your wallet. For each line you can click to expand and see more information about the token.
Tokens section (expended)

LP Tokens

LP Tokens section


Farms section

Lending / Borrowing

Lending / Borrowing section

Leverage positions

Leverage positions section


The misc section gathers various things that don't really have a place anywhere else. There are the Serum open orders, the native SOL staking, and redeem tickets from Marinade, Solanium staking, etc.

Holdings report

Holdings reports allows you to export your dashboard in .csv format and then import it into a spreadsheet.
Video guide: Spreadsheet template: